ITA Diplomas
ITA Diplomas are given to ITA academicians, honored academicians and associate-members for their election certification and also to persons and organizations as ITA awards for the best achievements in thermoelectricity, for the best prodacts and for fruitful activity in ITA.
Symbols of this Diploma express intentions of ITA to develop international cooperation of scientists of the World in thermoelectricity. In various continents symbols had been appeared historically, which reflected an importance of the Science and it influence on achievements of Humanity. Therefore this Diploma includes samples of such symbols.
In the right lower corner there is a picture of Fuji, the highest mountain of Japan, which is a holy symbol of perfection and the highest achievements according to Japanese tradition.
In the right upper corner there is the “Tai-tsi” mark, surrounded by 8 trigramms, which expresses a scientific harmony of the Universe in the Old eastern philosophy.
Athena-Minerva, the European Goddess of a mind, patroness of Sciences, is presented in the center of the upper part.
In the left upper corner there is an image of Ketsalkoatl, the God of the Old Americans, the Universe creator and patron of Sciences, which had brought the knowledge to people.
In the left lower corner there is a seal with ITA symbol.
The Honorary Golden Prize of the ITA and Diploma of the award are presented to the winners at the General Meeting of the ITA in solemn atmosphere with participation of international thermoelectric community represented by attendees of a regular Forum on Thermoelectricity, statesmen, diplomatic representatives of countries whose citizens or organizations have been awarded the Honorary Golden Prize of the ITA, guests of honour.